Do these FOUR ACTIVITIES at the beginning of EACH MONTH…they are the 4 Steps to Success.

During the first 4 days of every month, we will go live on Zoom to coach you through these steps. With this in mind, we feel you could sit down for much less than an hour each month and get these steps done for the entire month, thereby staying connected with your downline in ways they might like to interact with you.

Step 1: Update (sync) VO Contacts

Step 2: Update your subscription list with your new team members

Step 3: Preview & choose pre-written* content

Step 4: Schedule your (4) campaigns for the month.

*You've probably experienced the pain of creating content - plus the effort to do it consistently can be intimidating. Let's take some of that stress away! Each month we will make new content available for you to send. And it's FREE!

Step 1

15-30 minutes

Updating your contacts each month is so important. You should keep your contact manager synced with your YL virtual office so that all your contacts are hearing from you. Before updating your contacts you'll need to do the initial set-up of your contact manager. Then you'll be ready to do a monthly update where you add new and update existing contacts.

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Step 2

Less than 5 minutes

Updating your subscription list happens after you've added new and updated your existing contacts. It's really a matter of clicking checkboxes and choosing your master subscription list. :)

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Step 3

5 - 10 minutes

Preview the new monthly pre-written content.

We feel this pre-written content represents the minimum that should be communicated during a standard month. Some of you might have other messages/information that you want to send out to your downline or to specific groups of people during the month and, of course, that is okay as well.

Newsletter - Email 

  • Reaching out via email once a month to your contacts doesn't always sound like a hard thing to do. However, actually doing it each month can eventually get burdensome. Every month, Essenty will write a newsletter for you. You can use it as is, make any changes you want. 

Welcome New Member - Text

  • When a new Young Living member has been added to your downline it's important to reach out and connect as soon as possible. The link used in this message goes to your About Me page on your website.

Monthly Promo Reminder - Text

  • Reminding others about the great monthly promos can take a lot of time, but it's important. The link used in this message goes to the monthly promos page on your website.

Spotlight - Text

  • Staying connected with your downline on a variety of topics helps keep it interesting. This monthly text message rotates between highlighting a product, sharing education on essential oils or health & wellness, and building a strong foundation around Young Living and the Business Opportunity. The link used in this message goes to a page on your website.

Review this month's pre-written content bundle.

Emails (Newsletters)

Text Messages

Step 4

Less than 10 minutes (more if you want to make several edits)

Schedule your 4 campaigns for the month. This step is super fast if you don't have any edits.

Newsletter - Recommend you schedule it for the 4th of the month.

Welcome New Member - Recommend you schedule it for the 5th of the month.

Monthly Promo Reminder - Recommend you schedule it for the 5th of the month.

Spotlight - Recommend you schedule it for the 3rd week.

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