Sending a professionally written monthly newsletter that Essenty has written for you is as easy as making a few clicks. In the instructions below you will find out:

  • How to select a pre-written newsletter, preview it then schedule it to send.
  • And/or how to preview the newsletter, make edits then schedule it to send.

First, Preview/Read the Newsletter Email

1. Log into your back office.

2. Click on CONTENT GALLERY in the left navigation menu

3. Once it opens, click on EMAIL then the "Shared With Me" tab.

Here you will see all of the EMAILS (in this case Newsletters) that we've written and are sharing with you. 

As shown in the image below:

Click on the title of the pre-written email that you want to preview or read. It will open the email in the slide-out window, where you can read it as it will be seen when you email it.

As shown in the image below:

Your Choice, You Can Edit The Newsletter or Send As Is


- While still in the preview screen click on the campaign symbol in the top right.

Note: This is what you do if you want to edit it or if you just want to send it.

As seen in the screenshot below:

In this next screen you will:

1. NAME YOUR CAMPAIGN.  (Just type over what is there or erase it and then type,).

2. Read the short "Next you will:" section.

3. Click on "Continue"

NOTE: This step will take a couple of minutes, please wait.

Once it finishes loading, you will be in the EMAIL CAMPAIGN editor window - from this area is where you make final edits and schedule it to send.

NOTE: The directions below apply to ANY email that you want to send after composing it.

Love The Email Just As it Is?
Let's Send It Out!

(A SILENT video at the bottom of this page shows you the steps you take to preview, edit then send.)

(NOTE: Go to option 2 if you want to edit before sending)


  • But first, select your recipients (meaning your subscription list), then filter by who (on your subscription list) that you want to receive it - unless you want everyone on the list to get it, then you can skip filtering it.

  1. So first, click on the RECIPIENTS tab.
  2. Then click on the down arrow to "Select a list". In many cases, this will be your Master subscription list, but for some of you, it might be a dedicated newsletter subscription list.

See the screenshot below.

Next, you will click on the filter so you can filter it down to who should receive your newsletters.

Per the screenshot below:

This is how you tell Essenty WHO you want to receive your newsletter (or any content, as a matter of fact). 

In many cases you just want it to go to everyone on your Master subscription list and that is fine, and in this case, you don't have to set any filters.

See the screenshot below of the open filter with types of contacts checked.

Now you're ready to send the email or schedule it to send later. You will click on the blue DOWN ARROW in the right corner and make your choice. Notice you also have an option to send a quick test email to yourself.

  1. First, click on the blue arrow next to the word "send" in the upper right corner. 
  2. Then you will set the date & time that you want your newsletter to send.
  3. If you aren't aware of what "Marketing Credits" are, please CLICK HERE.

If You Want To Edit Before Sending

(A SILENT video at the bottom of this page shows you the steps you take to preview, edit then send.)

  • Let's edit the content block.

  • Filter by who you want to get it

  • Send right away or schedule it for a time in the future. 

When you click into a content block, it will open up so that you can type in it, as shown in the image below. This is how you change the wording.

You are also able to add content blocks and change or add images! But to save you a lot of time and trouble, we highly recommend that you take 15 mins to watch a video to get an understanding of how our email editor works before you try to change images or add content blocks. 

NOTE: To add images, you must add an image content block because images cannot be copied and pasted into a text content block successfully.


If you want more options while editing, such as to preview your changes, please click on the 3 dots to see more ACTIONS, as shown in this image:

Finished Editing?
Let's Get It Ready to Send Out!

Scroll back up and follow the directions for OPTION 1 to learn how to send out your newly edited newsletter!

Two "Silent" Videos Showing You The Steps

(Silent video shows you the steps to preview & send the newsletter)

(Silent video shows you the steps if you want to EDIT your newsletter then send it)