NOTE: This is one step in a "Tutorial SERIES" designed to be a ROADMAP giving you small, easy steps to get your entire contact manager set up, organized, and operational. 

It will be to your advantage to do these steps in sequence.

Step One: If you follow this advice when downloading and importing your Virtual Office contacts, it will be as easy as click-click-click-done! If not, you'll spend more time than this would have taken to fix it. 

After you watch the video (below), CLICK HERE if you have never downloaded contacts from your Virtual office and we will show you the steps you need to take to download them to a file, again, AFTER you watch this video.

NOTE: A screenshot that you need is below the video.

Here is a screenshot of the exact fields you download from your Virtual Office. Keep in mind that when YL shows you which fields will be downloaded, it might look just like this one. Please just erase all the fields and select just these ones.