Sending a pre-written text to contacts of your choosing is as easy as making a few clicks. In the instructions below you will find out:

  • How to select a pre-written TEXT message, preview it then schedule it to send.
  • And/or how to preview the text, make edits then schedule it to send.

Below are step-by-step directions for utilizing pre-written text content.

Preview/Read the Pre-Written TEXT Messages

1. Log into your back office.

2. Click on CONTENT GALLERY in the left navigation menu.

3. Once it opens, click on TEXT then the "Shared With Me" tab (defaults to this tab). 

As shown in the image below.

Here you will see all of the TEXTS that Essenty has written and shared with you. 

Click on the title of the pre-written TEXT that you want to preview or read. It will open the text in the slide-out window, where you can preview it as it will be seen when you email it.

In the preview box, you may notice that it leaves your name off, but when you send it from your account it fills in your full name.

Once you finished previewing, click the bullhorn icon in the upper right corner to begin the process of creating a text campaign and scheduling it to send - don't worry, you'll be able to easily edit before sending.

In this next screen you will:

1. NAME YOUR CAMPAIGN.  (Just type over what is written there or erase it and then type).

2. Read the short "Next you will:" section.

3. Click on "Continue"

After clicking "continue" it is creating a text campaign for you in the text campaign editor section - where broadcast texts are sent.

NOTE: This step will take a couple of minutes, please wait.

Once it finishes loading, you will be in the TEXT CAMPAIGN editor window - from here you will make final edits and schedule it to send.

NOTE: The directions below apply to ANY broadcast TEXT that you want to send after composing it.



  1. Make any edits that you prefer to the text.

  2. Then you must select your recipients (meaning your subscription list).

  3. Then, filter by who (on your subscription list) that you want to receive it - unless you want everyone on the list to get it, then you can skip filtering it.


NOTE: The filtering of your subscription list (in the case of using one Master subscription list) is how you tell Essenty WHO you want to receive your message. 

  1. You're now ready to select WHO should receive the text, by first clicking on the RECIPIENTS tab. 
  2. Then click on the down arrow to "Select a list". For most of you, it will be your Master subscription list that you choose.

See the screenshot below.

Next, you will click on the filter so you can filter it down to who should receive your text. Note that you first click the filter tab, then you click on the filter button to the left. 

In my example, I have selected the "New Member Welcome Text", so it would just be filtered to any new members that you have synced from your Virtual Office when up updated your contacts, by using one of Essenty's pre-created filters "Activation Date".

If it is one of the other pre-written texts (or even one you wrote), you would just use the filters to select who should receive your message.

In many cases, you will want it to go to everyone on your Master subscription list and that is fine, you would not need to use filters.

See the screenshot below:


Now you're ready to send the text or schedule it to send later. You will click on the blue DOWN ARROW in the right corner and make your choice. Notice you also have an option to send a quick test email to yourself.

  1. First, click on the 3 dots to the left of the word "send" and select "Preview" - it will open in a new tab and you will be able to see what your text will look like.
  2. When ready to send, click on the blue arrow next to the word "send" in the upper right corner. 
  3. Then you click on "Schedule" and set the date & time that you want your text to send.
  4. If you aren't aware of what "Marketing Credits" are, please CLICK HERE.

NOTE: At the time of writing, you are unable to send a test text - but in the preview, you see exactly what the text looks like.