Content Gallery by Essenty

Essenty's forward-thinking team has designed a fantastically professional and robust creative playground for marketing materials, we call it the Content Gallery.

The Content Gallery is currently designed to house emails, text messages, and images that you create & save - as well as the content that Essenty shares with you.



In the near future it will also be where you can:
  • Create content to share with your team (who uses Essenty).
  • View & use content that has been shared with you from your upline (in Essenty).
  • And, eventually, discover pre-written content from other essential oil content providers outside of Essenty!


In its most basic function, the Content Gallery is where you will find pre-written newsletters and the pre-written monthly texts that you schedule to send to your contacts with just a few clicks and done.

In its robust form, it goes way beyond & above for anyone who wants more. 

For the more tech-savvy site owners, this is where you will create (and save) all your communication content, from images to your favorite content blocks in your emails!

Consider the Content Gallery to be your ultimate creative playground to build, edit, and send amazing content to your customers, prospects, and team members!



And there is more..... Series Emails (Drip Campaigns)

The Content Gallery is where you will very soon create infinite sets of series emails (which are a sequence of emails sometimes thought of as drip campaigns) and optionally attach sign-up forms, which means you're able to send a link to someone to subscribe to receive your educational or helpful series! 

And that is not all - can you imagine writing an educational series of emails to help your team/customers and being able to create that series with a few texts in it as well?

Just imagine. In a series of 10 educational emails, you might slip in 2 texts reminding them of the series of emails or asking if they are receiving the emails, or even asking if they have questions regarding the info! The text serves to get them to read the emails - meaning your emails are read a lot more often!

Yes, a series could also just be just a series of short texts - but creating a mixed series might yield the best performance.

You're not very creative?
Okay, no problem because this is also where you'll soon find series content that we create.


Recommended Prerequisites

You will need your Contact Manager setup with your customers, team, and/or prospects. 

Here is a really short, mini-series of steps you take to easily set up your Contact Manager & Subscription list(s). Please ensure you have done these steps first.

SETUP ASSISTANCE - If you feel particularly tech-challenged or you are a super busy leader or someone who needs an assistant, we offer a service (by request only) for us to set this up for you. Please send your request to Essenty Support.