Creating a subscription list is a prerequisite to sending out texts and emails.

Here is a really short, mini-series of steps you take to easily set up your Contact Manager & Subscription list(s). Please ensure you have done these steps first.

SETUP ASSISTANCE - If you feel particularly tech-challenged or you are a super busy leader or someone who needs an assistant, we offer a service (by request only) for us to set this up for you. Please send your request to Essenty Support.

Watch this short video to learn how to create subscription lists.

For a complete overview of the email campaign feature with subscription lists, CLICK HERE.

Essenty Has Two Types of Marketing Campaigns & Associated Subscription Lists

Broadcast Campaign

  • A broadcast campaign is a single marketing message, that is sent to subscribers of a particular broadcast subscription list.

  • For example, “August Free Products” might be a marketing message I send to my “Promos & Specials” subscribers list in August and “September Free Products” might be one I send in September.

  • Multiple broadcast campaigns can be sent to members of a broadcast subscription list - meaning each marketing message you create is called a “campaign”.

Series Campaign (this is coming soon!)

  • A series campaign is a pre-defined series of marketing messages that are pre-written and automatically sent in a specified order at pre-determined intervals. It is sent to subscribers of a particular series subscription list. 

Examples of Broadcast Subscription Lists

Essential Oils News

Description: Get periodic product news, tips & education. A great resource for everyone.

Business Builder News

Description: Receive periodic news & education for building your Young Living business.

DIY Ideas & Healthy Recipes

Description: Get exclusive DIY ideas and healthy recipes.

Events & Classes

Description: Stay up-to-date on important upcoming events & classes.

Non-Toxic Alternatives: 

Description: Get exclusive information for handy & effective non-toxic alternatives for your home and family.

Weekly Tips

Description: Get a handy tip each week for using your oils and other products. A great way to get more value from your products!

Sales & Promos

Description: Never miss a Young Living promotion. I will send you the promotion information as soon as I know about it, including the Monthly promo information.

Monthly Newsletter

Description: A monthly newsletter packed full of great ideas, information, tips & tricks and product education.