Keeping Your Subscription Lists Updated


Once a month you should open your subscription list, take a look.



Green Dot - Email and/or phone is subscribed. If you see green dots you're golden.


Red Dot - The red dots mean the person has unsubscribed from your list with either their phone number or email (and in some cases both). This just means they prefer not to get bulk messages from you, going forward - or they accidentally unsubscribed (seriously, that happens!).


Gray Dot - Gray dots mean inactive and indicate that the email and/or phone number is not subscribed to the list. Typically you’ll see an inactive dot when only one form of communication (an email or phone number) is subscribed. For example, when the contact signed up they may have only subscribed to email messages but not to text messages. The handling is to resubscribe that contacts phone or email as indicated, per the directions below. ?


Yellow Dot - Yellow dots mean the email address is cleaned. That means it is not delivering anymore. This can be for a variety of reasons, some of which are: email address is not valid and it can't deliver, the contact reported it as spam and will no longer deliver, or even that the recipient has a full inbox and can't accept emails. Most of the time it is because the email address is a bad email and you'll just want to update it.




How To Update the Email or Phone
For a Subscribed Contact


1. Click on the contact's name and the details page slides open.

2. Update the email and/or phone number (it auto-saves when you hit enter).

3. Click on Lists (top tab on the details page) and where you see the Cleaned, just click on resubscribe.

Note: For the gray dots:

1. Click on the contact's name and the details page slides open.

2. Click on Lists (top tab on the details page).

3. Click on Subscribe next to that contacts Gray dot information - and go through the process of resubscribing either that email or phone (or both).