What are the benefits of using Essenty for my Young Living biz?

It will make life easier for you! You'll get a personal website, marketing tools and pre-written content in one package. Plus it's the most affordable all-in-one platform available for Young Living brand partners! Try it out today for just $1!

How do I get my FyzzBee contacts into Essenty?

Please CLICK HERE to see how you can move your contacts from FyzzBee to Essenty.

Can I still send a monthly newsletter?

Yes! You have the option to either use the pre-written newsletter that is provided for you each month or create your own. You can also choose to use the pre-written version as a starting point and then make changes to it such as adding a more personal introduction message or including something special just for your customers. Preview the pre-written newsletter for May 2021

Can I still send a series to those who purchase a Premium Starter Kit?

Yes! All Essenty accounts include the Series feature. And if you choose the Basic plan you will get access to pre-written series such as the Oils PSK Series. Preview the Oils PSK series 2019-2021

How do I use FyzzBee content I've created when I switch to Essenty?

You can keep using content that you've created in FyzzBee by re-creating that content in Essenty. We recommend copying and pasting the text content. And for images we recommend uploading the images to your Essenty image gallery and then inserting them into your email, text or blog post. If you have questions about how to re-create your content in Essenty, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

What day is FyzzBee shutting down?

FyzzBee will stop all billing and the delivery of email messages on July 31st, 2021.

How many more FyzzBee newsletters will be delivered?

There will be 1 pre-written newsletter provided for Young Living customers during the month of June and 1 pre-written newsletter for July.

How long will messages still be delivered?

Email messages will continue to be delivered 'til the end of July or when you manually cancel your account. Whichever comes first.

How long will I be able to access my contacts and content in FyzzBee?

Even after your account has been canceled, you will still have access to your contacts and content 'til the end of October.