NOTE: This is a step in a tutorial SERIES designed to be a ROADMAP giving you small, easy steps to get your contact manager set up, organized, and operational. 

It will be to your advantage to do these steps in sequence.

Step Four - Now you are going to learn how to sort and filter and why it is so important to learn this part of your Contact Manager. 

When it comes to EASY, Essenty has you covered. If you've watched the other three short videos in this series then you have organized your contacts with tags that help you sort them into more defined "buckets". For instance, tagging all your business builders and everyone who came to a trade show and gave their name, etc.  

You can use an unlimited number of tags per contact - but keep in mind it is for easily sorting them in groupings of contacts. This makes it a breeze when you're ready to send them messages (emails or texts).