Essenty has released the ability for you to associate a Lead Capture / Sign-up form for any or all of your subscription lists! You can also make the form(s) public so that it is accessible on your website homepage!

You are able to add images and content to control how the sign-up page presents to the public OR you can just use the default look & settings.

Quick Training...

We will have live training, training instructions, and videos coming - based on questions we hear as this new service goes into wider use.

Here are screenshots and a short video. Join us Monday for a live demonstration along with a huge announcement!



Start by logging into your Backoffice.
Click on "Contacts" from the left menu.
Then click on "My Lists" from the top menu.

- Choose a "private" subscription list. 
Private means the subscription list hasn't been published
Note: It is possible that you only have one list. 
Note: You can also create a specialized list and set up the Lead Capture form at the time of creating the list. 

- EASY MODE: When the List Editor window opens, you may just click "Make Public" and get a default sign-up form for the list you created. Meaning, nothing else needs to be done for a simple, linkable Lead Capture/Sign-up form page to be created.

- After clicking "Make Public" your screen will change to this screen, showing it is public.
- You may choose to click "Share Signup Link" to get the link to share in other places.
- Or just go look at how it appears from your website. 

- Go to your own website.
- See the "Join My List" from your navigation bar on your computer or on the menu from a mobile device.
- Click your list subscription form to see how it looks.

- Take a look at what the default sign-up form (page) looks like.

- You can make a few customizations to your Lead Capture/Sign-up form page if you choose.
- You can add an image or infographic.
- You can get creative and write as much as you feel necessary.
- Then scroll on down the List Editor page to see more options. 

- Choose how you want them to leave their name.
- Do you want them to leave their email? Will it be required?
- Do you want them to leave their phone number? Will it be required?
- Finally, you're able to change the color and the wording on the "submit" button.

- See what your customized Lead Capture/Sign-up form page
- Your subscribers will also have the opportunity to manage their subscriptions to multiple lists.

- There is a new way to see and manage the people on your subscription forms when you have this feature, as shown below.