Downloading Contacts From Your Virtual Office

This 2-MIN video will show you the mechanics of how to export (download) your contacts from your Virtual Office.

CLICK HERE to follow a "roadmap", which is a series of sequenced steps to downloading and importing to your Essenty Contact Manager and setting up your subscription lists, which then allow you to send texts and emails.

One Very Important note. If you select all the exact fields for importing, our system does everything else for you.

This screenshot shows the only fields that you should export from Young Living: (UPDATED IN JAN 2022)

While watching the video, 
refer to the UPDATED FIELDS as they are shown above.

Once you get your contacts downloaded, please click here to see how to import them.


  • Log into your YL Virtual Office via Young Living by CLICKING HERE.

  • Click on the words, MY ORGANIZATION (found to the left).

  • Click on the word, ADVANCED (under the date).

  • Click on DOWNLOAD REPORT (which has a tiny arrow icon).

  • Important: Uncheck all the blue boxes in the Download Report Box.

  • Using the example box above, select these fields: 

                    Sponsor ID - Rank - Phone - Activation Date

                    Account Name - Enroller ID - Highest Paid Rank - Account Status

                    Has Subscriptions - Enrolled - Email - Address - Account Type 

  • Click the purple DOWNLOAD button.

  • Observe where it saves to your computer, or save it where you would like it. Avoid opening the report until you've imported it.