GROW WITH US PLAN - $8 a month, for life

Below is a list of the things that will be in the Grow With Us plan. This special discounted pricing is available because there are still marketing tools in development for release. Anyone who jumps on board on the ground floor will keep this pricing! This plan will not be available after the basic marketing features are released, but you keep your pricing for life!


* WEBSITE: A beautiful & uniquely written website, that makes it feel a lot LESS "salesy" because it doesn’t feel like a giant corporate commercial.

* Unlimited & robust blogging (create as many  pages as you want)

* Pre-filled blog (use or not)

* FB Chat code (put it on your website)

* Domain redirect (Use your own domain)

* Change website’s feature image on the home page!

* Don’t like “Essenty,” choose one of five other names.

And so much more…….



CUSTOM CATALOG - A fully linkable, shareable and searchable. This is a massive marketing tool because you’ll be able to share one product with someone or link to in your blog - and your visitor will stay within your marketing site!

DYNAMIC SEARCH - You or your site visitors can now search your entire website!




* Robust Contact Manager

* Automated Email Marketing

* Texting Platform (bulk & single w/images)

* Newsletters, written for you

* Lead Capture Pages

* Blog Commenting

* Blog subscription

* Sharable Infographics



* Change any or all photos on your site.

* Change any or all of the wording


Only $8 a month and ALL THIS IS INCLUDED in the "GROW WITH US" - However, when all of it is released, this plan will no longer be available! But you keep your pricing FOR LIFE!


Just be sure that Essenty will be the top-of-the-line with features that will stun you! And the focus is to make it EASY to use! This year is going to be a business building rocket ride for everyone who’s onboard and willing to “Grow With Us”!

Not to mention all the advanced & premium features that are in development! This means they are partially finished, things like a team management portal, rsvp events, personal domain name integration, video channel, and too much to list here!