A very robust contact manager is being developed. It is scheduled to release in the 2nd quarter of 2020!

  • Upload your contacts from your Virtual Office.
  • Import your contacts from the FyzzBee system (if you had that).
  • Add prospects to your list to stay in touch with them.
  • Tag them as a customer or business builder, prospect, and more.
  • Keep info, like their birthday, favorite things.
  • Note whether they are on ER or not.
  • Rate the contact as far as "interest level".
  • Add them to educational email series (coming later).
  • Text them from there (coming soon).
  • Keep notes of anything you want to remember. 
  • Organize communications with them so you know what you've talked about.

.....and so, so much more!!

YES, this is part of the GROW WITH US plan!


Here is a screenshot* of what is already created - Essenty Admins can see this in the Backoffice - but you will not see it until it is finished and released.

This might not end up being the final version, but you can see it is VERY robust and will help you tremendously by keeping all your contacts in one place and having them organized for the right type of communication.

Having the contact manager is the first step to putting in the foundation for your Backoffice to have texting and email capabilities where you assign contacts to different drip email or text series etc.

Soon you will be able to click a button and send them a text or an email right from this screen!

To finish this, there is a lot already done, and more to do --- the goal is to keep it as simple to use as possible!

* Note - As it is still in development, what you see below is subject to modification.