Do you want to send out your monthly newsletter, but need to avoid sending it to certain contacts, such as those in some of your downline leaders' teams?  


We don't want anyone getting a duplicate newsletter either! We will help you understand how to accomplish this.

Watch this short training video and get a lot of little tips on how to make this work very well. 

Set Up a Dedicated Newsletter Subscription List

You will need to have a NEWSLETTER subscription list in addition to your MASTER subscription list.

In this fashion, you will be able to communicate to your whole team when needed (via the MASTER list) and only newsletters are sent out in your NEWSLETTER list. 

Only add people to your Newsletter list who you want to receive it from you. If a downline leader is sending Essenty newsletters and they end up stopping or something happens, you can always add them back to the Newsletter list.


Changing To a Dedicated Newsletter Subscription List


Chances are you have already been using your MASTER subscription list to communicate to your team and send newsletters. We are going to leave that as your newsletter list and rename it, because it is likely folks have already unsubscribed from it.

1. Rename your Master Subscription List to "Monthy Newsletter" (or whatever name you feel is fitting, that indicates it is a newsletter).

  • Go to Contacts
  • Click on My Lists (at the top)
  • You'll see your MASTER subscription list there. Hover over it and click on the 3 dots to the right.
  • Choose "Edit List and Signup Form"

2. Edit the Signup form to have a photo that you like. The image in the example below is in your Content Gallery for you to use if you'd like. Watch me do this in the video.

3. Fill in the information section, perhaps something like the example below. You can even add a video if you'd like.

4. At the bottom, you choose where the subscriber will be taken once they click the button to subscribe. I suggest you select a page on your website. My favorite is: WHY CHOSE YOUNG LIVING which you can find by searching your website for that page, then copying the URL.

5. The final step is to publish it publicly so this form is accessible from your website home page, but otherwise, you can manage it and add names to your list just as before.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Now go back to your list of contacts on the list and ensure they are all have USA as their country, as your newsletter is only compliant in the US.


Now you are going to recreate a new MASTER subscription list. 

  • Go to Contacts
  • Click on My Lists (at the top)
  • Click on "New List"
  • Name it "Your Name's MASTER Subscription List". It isn't necessary to fill everything out, since it is your private list.
  • When given the choice, select "Private List"

Add all your contacts to your MASTER Subscription list.

All of this is shown in the video, and I hope you have a minute to watch. I give other tips and pointers in the video.