Communication Automation with High Effectiveness!


Essenty takes "drip campaigns" to a whole new level. 

With Essenty, you can send a series of messages that also have a few TEXT MESSAGES mixed in. This means your emails will be highly effective because you are able to draw their attention to the information you're sending (that they requested).

Young Living Brand Partners use a Series Campaign...

  1. To build their prospect list (finding new prospects).
  2. To boost their current customer's engagement with YL products.
  3. To turn prospects into customers.

All of this by simply offering various series of educational and useful information on a specific topic.





Educating Your Current Customers


Educate customers on any number of specific topics - perhaps called “email classes” or “email coaching”, helps with retention better than anything else. 


For example, a Series (drip campaign): “Getting The Most From Essential Oils” --- a 5-6 message series that helps your customers understand the most beneficial ways to use different essential oils and ends with information on factors that could be present when essential oils don’t seem to work as expected.


There are unlimited ideas for creating a series of educational messages surrounding a topic that will serve to educate your current customer team with things that would encourage them to continue to use Young Living products for many life solutions.




Educating Your Prospects


Now that you have a lead or a prospect, of course, you need to stay in touch with them. Talking to them in person or over the phone should always be done. As well, follow-up with high-quality, relevant information should also be done - with the goal being to create a new customer (friend).


For example, a Series (drip campaign): “How To Create a Toxin-Free Home”, “How People Are Using Essential Oils To Support Good Health", or "Essential Oils 101: What You Should Know".


I could go on and on with ideas here. Just remember that the information you send should be focused on one topic and it is crucial that the topic be very relevant to the needs or desires of that prospect.




Generating New Prospects


Use your website to generate new, and highly interested prospects for you. Create a public Series where site visitors can sign up for the content right from your website, or share a link to the signup form via social media advertisements or posts.


For example, a Series (drip campaign): “What Are Essential Oils and How Do People Benefit”, or “Great DIY Projects for Health Conscious Parents”. If you're offering a free eBook, create a series around that, with the first email giving them a link to download the eBook (perhaps from Google Docs).


But keep in mind, public series used to get prospects needs to be a topic that you feel a stranger would find compelling enough to give you their contact information in order to receive the data. 


You are able to create an UNLIMITED number of Series (drip campaigns) on any subject you desire. It isn't very hard and it takes a bit of your time - but the payoff is huge for your business.

Please CLICK HERE to learn how to create your own Series content.


At this time we have created one for you to use for anyone who has purchased an Essential Oils Premium Starter kit.

Please CLICK HERE to see the pre-written series content that Essenty offers (keep in mind new content will be added regularly).