NOTE: This is a step in a tutorial SERIES designed to be a ROADMAP giving you small, easy steps to get your contact manager set up, organized, and operational. 

It will be to your advantage to do these steps in sequence.

Step Two - Every minute you spend getting your contacts organized with tagging will benefit you from here on out! Don't miss this vital step to getting your contact manager efficiently set up.

As part of your initial setup of your Contact Manager, you may want to consider creating a few of your own filters. This is done with tagging. Using your filters with special tags can go a long way in helping you build stronger relationships with very specific groups of customers.

For example, if you have a group of people who are specific animal enthusiasts and you know they use a lot of products for healthy pet alternatives, you could tag all of them as such then when you need to send them specific information it is super easy to filter them out. 

Other tagging ideas include  "John's Leg", "Long Island Trade Show", "Oils Class #56" etc. There are no limits to how many tags you can create or how many tags a person can have. Unlimited tags per contact.

Not everyone will need to use tags, but we recommend you take a few minutes and think about what tags might be helpful in your business. Keep in mind that it is a sorting tool so you can send messages to a single group of people.

However, here is a tag we feel everyone could benefit from using. For contacts that don't have a phone number, you could tag them as "Email Only". This makes it handy when you have a text message you're sending out to everyone - after you send your text, copy it and create a short email message and send it to the "Email Only" group of people so they don't miss out on the information!