2. 1. Please CLICK HERE to log into your Backoffice, using your email and password.

  3. 3. Click on SETTINGS in the sidebar.

  4. 4. Click on BILLING & PLANS in the top navigation.

  5. 5. Click on the 3 dots to the far right of your “default” credit card. Here is where you can edit the expiration date.

  6. --------------- IF YOU NEED TO ADD A NEW CREDIT CARD:
    If you have a completely new credit card number, then you will just click on the blue words above the 3 dots “+Add Card” and add a new credit card.

  7. IMPORTANT NOTE: If your site has shut off, please complete the above steps then send us a quick message letting us know that you have updated your card and need your subscription started again - please indicate if you want it to bill you Monthly, or Annual.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEND US THE MESSAGE.