Essenty has the EMAIL MARKETING platform nearly finished (meaning it works behind-the-scenes already) but it will not be released until the user interface has been designed and then built. The user interface is a term that refers to the part you will click and interact with to make it work for you. 

The focus is on keeping it EASY to use and we plan to release the very best version possible.

YES, the EMAIL MARKETING platform will be available to the GROW WITH US customers! 

It is scheduled to release in the 2nd quarter of 2020.


One of the biggest reasons is that it is a great way to keep your team members and customers interested, buying & happy.

These days a lot of people are using text messaging, but in some cases, it just doesn't work for some of your marketing needs. 

For instance, Essenty offers pre-written email series that help your new premium starter kit customers. This is an amazing series of auto-sent emails where each email is focused on one of the products in the starter kit.

This is simply too much information to put in a text. However, wouldn't it cool to remind them (via text) that they have these emails coming in?


  • Imagine that you have a GETTING STARTED CHECKLIST for your new business builders. You can set up a series of emails that give them the information a little bit at a time, and it automatically sends them the next email in your preset time frame.
  • Imagine that you want to offer site visitors to subscribe to your email series on a CLEANSING PROGRAM.
  • Imagine that you want to provide an ESSENTIAL OILS BASIC TRAINING series and allow folks to subscribe to that sequence from your website.
  • Imagine Young Living has just released something super awesome and you want to get an email out to ALL of your team or customers. You can send a broadcast email out to everyone at once and even shoot them a quick text to check for your email.
  • There are immeasurable ways to use email marketing! But keep in mind, its a tool you use in conjunction with staying in touch with your folks.


All the features have not been fully defined at this time (meaning the full scope of what the platform will allow you to do and keep track of). It is expected it will roll out just one major function at a time. The first release will be sending EMAILS out to one person and sending an email sent out to multiple people (called a bulk email).

This will allow Essenty to get feedback and user experience on the foundational operations of sending EMAILS. We will ensure everything gets recorded correctly to your contact manager etc.- before additional features are added.

After this has tested positively, then will come the release of the ability to create as many email campaign series as you desire.


A campaign comes in two flavors - Broadcast and Series. A broadcast is a single message to an audience.

A series is multiple messages scheduled to send to an audience.

You can be sure that Essenty will be very professional and will strive to be the best. Essenty will LISTEN to your needs!

  • You will have the ability to create an endless number of series of emails with specific information to offer people to subscribe to from your website.
  • You will have the ability to use the pre-written series of emails that we write.
  • You will be able to send an email to just one person or to a batch of people.
  • When you send an email to a recipient, it will record it in the recipients' contact page, so you can look later and see what you have sent to them.
  • You will be able to see who is opening and looking at your emails.


Training is important and you can rest assured that we will provide top-notch training for using this system and keep the instructions as easy as possible. Everything about Essenty is created with the goal to be easy to use.