Want to earn a free website from Essenty? Join our Affiliate Referral Program and share Essenty with your team members and colleagues...

  • Bring your whole team to Essenty and soon start sharing content with them!

We love your referrals and will treat them like VIPs!

As a “thank you” we pay you $10 for every referral!

Through referrals, you could easily cover the cost of your Essenty website by referring just 2 or 3 people per month. Refer anyone - downline, upline, and even colleagues outside your team! 

The VIDEO (below):

  • Shows you how to sign up for the program and earn money
  • How to share your affiliate links to Facebook (where it doesn't look like an affiliate link)
  • Where to find your Affiliate link any time you need it.

(Written instructions are below the video if you prefer.)


  • Log in to your Backoffice
  • Click on “Invite to Essenty” bottom left corner (computer)
    Or click on the three lines in the top left on mobile, then you will see it at the bottom.
  • Follow the super easy directions from there. 
  • Once you sign up, you can always find your referral link in the Invite to Essenty box where you can click and copy it.


I DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT - Once the full referral program is developed we will be able to offer other ways of paying you or giving credit to your account. At this time, we can only pay using a PayPal email address and we don't yet have a timeline on this addition. If you prefer, we can give you credit on your Essenty account and it will offset your renewals.

HOW CAN I SEE WHO PURCHASED FROM MY REFERRAL LINK? - We are excited to say that once the full referral program development is complete you will be able to see that information on your AFFILIATE REFERRAL setting tab. At this time, we have records for the payout process and in the near future, we will provide the ability to track your referrals through your Backoffice.

HOW DO I REQUEST CREDIT FOR SOMEONE WHO FAILED TO USE MY LINK? - Please send a support request to our Helpdesk. You’ll need to provide your referral's full name, email address or website address. The request must be submitted within 30-days of the referral signup and your affiliate account must have been active as well.

WHEN WILL I BE PAID FOR MY REFERRALS? - At this time, we pay once a month as close to the 15th as possible. We pay you for all referrals from the previous month. 

THE EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE DROP DOWN IS NOT MY PAYPAL EMAIL - If you don't see the correct email in the drop-down box, then you can click on "Add Email Address" and verify your other email for this space. Verification of your email is a precaution so you never accidentally put the wrong email in.


  • Essenty will pay an affiliate reward of $10 USD for each eligible referral who creates a new account using your personal referral link.
  • The Affiliate Program must be active in your account at the time of the user's activation.
  • Affiliate rewards will be calculated around the 15th for all referrals from the month before who have been active for at least 30 days.
  • Affiliate rewards will be distributed via PayPal near the end of each month. At this time we are only paying fees via PayPal - alternative forms of compensation may be considered in the future.
  • In the near future, we will provide the ability to track your referrals through your Backoffice.
  • The terms of this plan are subject to change at any time. Last updated August 2021.

The Essenty Affiliate Referral Program will be evolving into a very robust and flexible program. We are excited about what is in the works.