Yes, by request.

We are able to flip a button and all the pre-written articles will disappear from your blog. 

Later, you will have the ability to select which ones you want to show or not to show - this ability will come later, as more advanced customization features get released.

What is a Pre-Filled Blog?

  • The pre-written articles appear in the same place where your own blog articles go as you write them.
  • When you first get started you'll notice 3 pages of articles that are pre-populated.
  • These "articles" are actually (only) every page of your website - all in one place with subjects/titles that compel a visitor to read.
  • You will get more clicks from sharing these pages, because of how they are titled! People will click on your posts!
  • Every page in your website shows in this blog area, but they can all be accessed via your navigation as well.
  • Keep that in mind when writing your own articles. Make the title interesting, not just a name of a product, etc.