At this time we support forwarding.

  • Very soon you will be able to integrate your personal domain into your website.


Just contact your domain provider and ask them to help you FORWARD your domain to your Essenty URL. Be sure to include your entire Essenty website address to them.

If you use GoDaddy, these instructions will help. 

If you feel it seems like a challenge, you can call them for help at 480-505-8899.

1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.

2. Go to "My Products" (it might have brought you there when you logged in).

3. You should see your domain name listed there. Click on the "DNS" button next to it.

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see "FORWARDING"

5. You will click on "ADD" next to "Domain" (nothing to do with subdomain).

6. Select "https" in the drop-down box.

7. Then type in -------

(or whatever URL you picked at sign up)

8. Leave the setting to "permanent 301", don't worry, you can actually change it anytime but this setting means it won't suddenly stop forwarding on you.  

9. Select "FORWARD ONLY"

10. Click save.

IF YOU DON'T USE GoDaddy, please try to call your provider and ask how to do a "301 redirect/forward WITHOUT masking"  and let them know you need it forwarded to your Essenty URL.

It is best to not use masking, but it is not prohibited. Be sure to test your site links and ensure visitors can share individual pages if you use "masking". If you don't know what masking is, we recommend just not messing with it.